SOS. Curriculum Course Contents 2022 - COURSE NO. 01


Day 1 - Wednesday

10.00 Introduction to the edgewise mechanotherapy & Terminology Instrumentation check list. Every students are ready to go! Wire Bending Exercises: Loops use in our technique Conduction of the treatment Tooth Separation technique The 5 treatment phases

12.30-14.00 Lunch

1. The Leveling Phase Attachment selection Banding technique. Band selection.
Cementation Technique: With

1. Ormco Gold Zn Phosphate cement
2. Fuji Orthod. bonding system
3. Band-Lok Blue

Direct Bonding technique: With

1. Right-ON, Blue Glue (Ormco)
2. Unite Bonding Adhesive (Self cure) (3M)
3. Transbond XT & Ortho Solo (Light cure) (3M)
4. Fuji Orthod. bonding system

18.00 Class finish

Day 2 - Thursday

09.45 The 5 treatment phases (cont.)

2. The Movement Phase
3. The Contraction Phase
4. The Adjustment Phase
5. The Retention Phase

12.30-14.00 Lunch

Wire Bending Exercises

Loops use in our technique (Contin.)

1st Order Bend : The ideal arch concept Arch Form & Arch Size
2nd Order Bend & Loops

The Artistics & Anchorage Control: Tie-back loop and Sweep which go together
Intrusion & Extrusion Steps: The Anterior Vertical Control
Control of the maxillary 2nd molars: The Posterior Vertical Control Expansion & Closing loop:

The Contraction Arch Wire
Ligation techniques
Arch wire selection and sequences: Wire Stiffness

18.00 Class finish

Day 3 - Friday

09.45 Wire Bending Exercises (Contin.) 3rd Order Bend:

Anterior & Posterior Torque Direct and Indirect torque
The role of anterior torque control and Inter-incisal angle
0.016" x 0.016" Intermediate arch wire
0.016" x 0.022" More Torque Control
0.017" x 0.022" Maximum Torque Control
12.30-14.00 Lunch
How to obtain more anterior torque? With intrusion step?
How to obtain Palatal root torque in the anterior segment?
Maxillo-mandibular elastics:
How and when to use Class II & III Elastics
Finishing arch wires (FAW) with teardrop and tie-back loops
15.00 Class finish
All of the themes planned here may not be completed in the 1st course. it will be
proceeded in the course no.2 or part II. Any way these two courses are the vital bases of
the fixed edgewise technique.


Course participants need to have orthodontic pliers, instruments and material as listed
before and will be checked at the class:
Clinical Pliers & Laboratory pliers
Wire Bending Exercise Book and other manuals
1 Typodont (Articulator) with acrylic white teeth
1 set of 018 slot Mini WICK Brackets for bonding exercise.

Washbon ORMCO bands with Alexander 1st & 2nd molar attachments with 018 slot for
banding exercise
Ormco elastics, o-rings & power chain
0.009", 0.010" and 0.012" ligature wires
1 set Ormco cementation kit
1 Three Bond Super glue
1 Cotton Tweezers for bonding (your cotton pliers)
1 Glass pencil (white) or "Stabilo" or “Edding” Waterproof Marker in Black


In a class I Molar relationship
Slightly anterior crowding of both arches
Deep over-bite
Maxillary and mandibular retroinclination in the anterior segments.
0.015" Respond (Straight)
0.016" SS round wire (Straight)
0.016" x 0.016" SS (Straight)
0.016" x 0.022" SS (Straight)
0.017" x 0.022" SS (Straight)
0.016" TMA Preform
0.016"x 0.022" TMA Preform
0.016"x 0.022" D-rect preformed

SOS. Curriculum Course Contents 2022

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