SOS. Curriculum Course Contents 2022 - COURSE NO. 09


Day 1 - Wednesday

10.00 General Discussion of any problems. Case Conferences

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Differential diagnosis & Treatment planning

Indications & contraindications.
Prerequisite of the case. The presence of all bicuspids and the 3rd Molars.
Preparation of the typodont and other Discussions

18.00 Class finish

Day 2 - Thursday

09.45 Skeletal pattern and decision making for extraction of the 1st molars

The roll of facial types & malocclusion to the treatment
Application of basic analysis procedure for planning the mechano-therapy.
Biomechanics for molar extraction case and Force system
Treatment planning & conduction of the treatment
Extraction pattern and timing – The principle tooth extraction

A. Maintain the symmetry and
B. Balancing extraction

Case demonstration

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Decision-making for Space closing, opening or maintaining

Bite opening : Headgear, Bite plate & Extrusion mechanics
Bite closing mechanics with Anterior rotation of the mandible
Up-righting of the mesially tipped molars and attachment selection

The unwanted effects of molar extraction. Bite opening. The Vertical Control
The relationship of the extraction of the 1st molar & TMD
Clinical examination, palpation of the TMJ areas
Possible combination of extraction of the max. 1st bicuspids Arch wire sequence
Wire bending exercise
016 SS leveling arch wire
016 x 016 SS or 016 x 022 TMA Intermediate arch wire with intrusion/extrusion steps
Torque control in the mand. anterior segment & bracket selection
016 x 022 or 017 x 022 SS Contraction arch wire

18.00 Class finish

Day 3 - Friday

09.45 Biomechanics for molar extraction case (cont.)

Anchorage principle. The use of anterior palatal anchorage
Monitoring of the host response
Case demonstration
Wire Bending Exercise (cont.)
0.016” x 0.022” or 0.017” x 0.022” SS Finishing arch wires (FAW)with tie-back loops

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Fine tuning of the occlusion

Selective grinding, Recontouring & Stripping
Functional occlusion
Treatment time
Post-treatment Stability

15.00 Class finish

Pliers & Wires
Wire Bending Exercise Book

1 Typodont with acrylic white teeth.
1 set of 018 slot Mini WICK Brackets bonded

ORMCO banded with Alexander 1st & 2nd molar bands, 018 slot

1 super glue
1 set cementation kit
1 "Stabilo" Waterproof Marker, M size, Black


Please set up your typodont in class I or class III tendency, open-bite
All 1st molars are extracted
2nd molars and 3rd molars are mesially tipped.

Don’t forget to put back your bicuspids in place!

In clinical situation : Band the 2nd molars with the 1st molar bands
Band the 3rd molars with the 2nd molar bands

In a laboratory situation :

Replace the 1st molars with its attachments in the sockets
Replace the 2nd molars with its attachments in the sockets
One or two of the 2nd molars tipped forwards

NB: Buccal attachments of the mand. 2nd molars here in this case should be 171-0325
and 172-0325. An auxiliary slot may be used for up-righting spring.

SOS. Curriculum Course Contents 2022

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