SOS. Curriculum Course Contents 2022 - COURSE NO. 11


Day 1 – Wednesday

10.00 General Discussion of any problems Case consultation. Diagnosis & Treatment planning

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Revision of Differential diagnosis & Diagnosis Protocol Clinical diagnosis: What is 4 T in 4 D?

I. Hard Tissue (Skeletal pattern)
II. Soft Tissue and
III. Teeth

Treatment Planning in Adult vs. in Children Periodontal considerations

Age Limitation and The inform consent

Side Effects: Gingival Recession and the Black Triangle Conduction of the treatment in a periodontal involved cases Tooth mobility. What to do?

Pre-orthodontic Scaling and Periodontal Treatment
Plaque control during orthodontic treatment.

Supragingival plaque and Subgingival plaque

Post-orthodontic Deep-Scaling
Technical revision for Tooth Lost : Space opening or maintaining or Closing
Space Opening Technique: How to use the Key?

The mandibular incisor position
Coil spring, 016x016 Expansion combination loops
Retraction technique for max. anteriors. See Biomec. Manual
Headgear effects in Adult. What about TPA?

Up-righting of the molars: Technical and side effect
Wire bending at the extraction site

Bone : See detail in Course No. 13


Please set up your Typodont in Class I Molar relationship with anterior crowding of both arches.

Deep over-bite, Unilateral high canine eruption (not too high), #35 or # 45 are partially
embeded. Band all 2nd molars

One of mandibular molar may lost and the mand. 2nd molar is mesially tipped and space loss

18.00 Class finish

Day 2 - Thursday

9.45 Biomechanics for Deep-bite and Open bite cases

Bite opening & bite closing

Case Demonstration Non-Extraction, Decrowding Technique

Free the mandible - Maxillary Bite plate

Extraction vs. Stripping (IER) in Adults
Extraction pattern and timing in Adult vs. in Children

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Wire bending Exercise : 0.016” SS leveling arch wire

0.016” x 0.016” SS Intermediate arch wire (or 0.016”x0.022” TMA) with intrusion/extrusion steps ( 0.016” x 0.016” SS
contraction arch wire) Midline Correction with 0.016”x0.022” SS with 3 contraction
loops arch wire

Torque control in the anterior segment

0.016” x 0.022” or 0.017” x 0.022” SS contraction arch wire

Biomechanics for open-bite cases ( Revision ) & Vertical control by extraction for bite closure:
The Wedging Principle Bending Steps and Bracket positioning in open-bite case Vertical elastics, Short vs. Long Class II elastics High pull headgear, High pull chin cap

Conclusion: Mechanotherapy for Class I, Class II and Class III

18.00 Class finish

Day 3 - Friday

09.30 Monitoring of the host response

Conclusions: The Adjustment phase

1. Final tooth positioning
2. Close the rest of space
3. Fine tuning of the intercuspation (occlusion)

Marginal ridge relationship leveled and Midline Correction Stripping and selective grinding Over-correction. The role of finishing with Superclass I Molar relationship.

Why leave the finishing arch wires in place for at lease 6 –9 months.

Segmentalize the arch wires and the use of Maxillo-Mandibular
Elastics (W- or M-Figures)
Case demonstration

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Wire Bending Exercise (cont.)

0.016 x 0.022 or 0.017 x 0.022 SS finishing arch wires with tie-back loops Conclusions: Retention Phase Positioner, Wraparound plate 3+3 Max. Retainers (0.016x 0.022 D-Rect or 0.017 Dead soft Respond) 3-3 Mand. Retainers (0.7 mm hard SS or 0.017x0.022 SS) 6-6 Lingual arch with Spikes

15.00 Class finish


Pliers & Wires

0.016x 0.022 D-Rect or 0.0175 Dead soft Respond Dead soft (Ormco 264-1170)

Wire Bending Exercise Book

1 Articulator (Typodont) with acrylic white teeth
1 set of 018 slot Mini WICK Brackets bonded

ORMCO banded with Alexander 1st & 2nd molar bands 018 slot
1 super glue
1 set cementation kit
1 "Stabilo" or Edding Waterproof Marker, M size, Black

SOS. Curriculum Course Contents 2022

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